Universal Dat Stripper

Universal Dat Stripper



100% Brand new and high quality
Color : Yellow, there might be a slight color difference.
Material: Carbon Steel
Handle Length :  125mm
Stripping Diameter : Approx. 3.4-10.3mm

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Strip outer jacket of UTP cable and CAT 5 Round Telephone cable.

Strips RG-59/6/11/7 Coaxial cable.

Strips flat telephone cable.


1. Push the cassette out of the housing, push from the front of the cassette.

2. Cassette is reversible, one side is available for RG59/RG6 and another side is for RG7/RG11

3. FOR stripping coaxial cable.

a. Insert the cable until it aligns with the cable guide.

b. Insert your index finger into the stripper’s finger ring, rotate the stripper by counter clockwise 3-5 times. The cable insulation is cut while you are turning the stripper.

c. Open the jaws and remove the cable. Pull away the outer jacket and dielectric to expose the inner conductor.

d. Stripping distance is designed for 6mm, for each dielectric and inner conduct.

4. for stripping round networking cable

a. insert the cable into the second stripping hole, rotate 1-3 times at counter clockwise, and then open the jaw and remove the outer jacket.

b. The black color adjusting knob is for adjusting the blade’s depth. Turn clockwise for increasing the blade’s depth and counter clockwise for reducing the depth.

5. For cutting coaxial cable, round networking cable or flat telephone cable. Place the cable inposition and the squeeze the handles.

6. For stripping flat cable, insert the cable between the stripper blades, squeeze handles, cable must be kept perpendicular and then pull from the tool.

a. Insert 4P/6P cable into the two-bladed side of the tool’s stripper until it touches the stop guide.

b. Insert 8P cable into the two blades side of the tool’s stripper and let it extend a little past the lower cut blade.​

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