UHF Antenna, Channels 21/48, G = 13 dB

UHF Antenna, Channels 21/48, G = 13 dB


Code 9000084

Model BU-116

Serie 900

Yagi antennas designed to cover the UHF band up to 790 MHz while rejecting the LTE mobile telephone band. Fast and easy reflector assembly, all the components are pre-mounted and no tools are required for their assembly.

Digital and analogue terrestrial TV installations, collective or individual, where rejection of the LTE band is necessary.

Rejection of LTE and GSM signals as well as signals coming from the lower part of the antenna. Robust antenna with great resistance to both sun and saltpetre. Made from aluminium, weather-resistant plastic and galvanised steel. Reduced size reflector to facilitate assembly and installation. Elevation angle adjustment, mounting in either horizontal or vertical polarity. Includes a balun (symmetrizer), specially designed for the antenna, with F-type connector protected inside the balun box. Packed individually.

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