Multiplexer/Splitter TV-SAT

Multiplexer/Splitter TV-SAT


Code 9020045

Model MM-214

Serie 902

Multiplexers for masts which combine the signals of terrestrial TV and FM radio with the IF satellite signal from the LNB. The resulting signal is distributed by a single coaxial cable.

Individual or SMATV installations. The mast multiplexer enables the distribution of the satellite signal to the interior of the building when it is not possible to add a new cable for the satellite.

Shielded zamak chassis, covered by an ABS plastic box for outdoor use. Fixed to the mast by means of a polyamide clamp. F-type connectors. Supplied in individual or multiple packs.

9120039 CM-004 Male F connector for Ø6.6mm coaxial. 9080023 MC-302 Male F connector for RG-6 coaxial, Ø7.0 mm


Technical specification


Technical specifications

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