Tower Lower Section (2,5m)

Tower Lower Section (2,5m)


Code 9980051

Model TI-025

Serie 998

Triangular shaped tower (180x180x180 mm), formed by several intermediate sections and an upper section where the antenna mast is fixed. The tower is fixed to the roof or floor by means of a tower base which can be fitted into the roof or floor or secured by metal bolts. The tiltable base allows the tower to be lowered for maintenance work.

Installations where a high elevation for the antennas is required or where traditional antenna masts do not offer sufficient strength.

Made from zinc-coated iron, with round tubes of 20Øx1.5 mm and M8 rod. The different sections and the base are assembled by means of three rods which fit inside the next round tube and are fixed by means of an M8 screw.


Technical specification


Technical specifications

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