Power Supply 24 Vdc 100mA, 4 Outputs

Power Supply 24 Vdc 100mA, 4 Outputs


Code 9030103

Model AL-110

Serie 903

Power supply units for mast amplifiers, 24 voltages. The power supply unit converts the mains supply into DC voltage and injects it into the coaxial cable to feed the amplifier. The signal coming from the antenna is distributed to its outputs. The power supply unit is available with two, four or five outputs. The power supply units are protected against overloads and short circuits. Available on request in 125 or 240

Individual digital and analogue terrestrial TV installations where mast amplifiers or antenna box preamplifiers are used. The feed voltage should be selected according to the amplifier installed. Characteristics Shielded zamak chassis, covered by an ABS plastic box for outdoor use. Power supply unit insulated from the high frequency circuit, complying with safety standards for both the installer and the user. Fixed to the wall by means of supplied wallplugs and screws. F type connectors. Supplied in individual or multiple packs.

9120039 CM-004 Male F connector for Ø6.6 mm coaxial cable 9080023 MC-302 Male F connector for Ø7.0mm coaxial cable. 9120011 RS-275 Type F load of 75 ??. 9040078 DI-007 DIN rail adaptor


Technical specification


Technical specifications

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